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The Heart of the Creator Film Overview

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge of me’ declares this deity and creator"

We guarantee a movie like no other before in its genre; highly explosive, cliff-hanger suspense with drama, and life-changing revelations that will leave you reeling and left in awe. Humanity gets a front-row seat for an encounter with the majesty of the deity as we stare at infinite power, so overwhelming that you won’t see things the same way ever again after the movie.

With the window to his heart held tightly open, we see pre-creation, then we enter the spectacular magnificence and splendor of a universe exploding out of the Creator’s blueprints, the sculpting of the earth into a habitable planet fit for life; then the very captivating process of the molding of the Creator’s masterpiece, to be garnished by the unveiling of the greatest mystery of human existence, try and guess what it is.

Another mystery revealed, what love is, where it came from and its color. You get a chance to see how your perceived love ranks on this universal scale. 

We all get to see the impartation of the most selfless and costly gift ever given to humanity by the creator, one for which there are no words to describe. We get to see and understand what it means to have a covenant relationship and dynamic fellowship with an all-powerful deity, and what awaits us at the end of our mortality and its implications.


The Creator shows off what it means to be a creative deity, talks about being in a no-holds-barred fireworks show. We see how a single human or a whole nation can rise out of the ashes of despair and destitution, a trail of his interaction with humanity from the past, and the present, and the explosive revelation of what is awaiting us in the distant future. Then comes the cliffhanger of what is imminent in the very near future, hopefully, it does not happen before you watch the movie or finish reading the book.

He unveils the privileged position of those who truly know and interact with him, how to truly overcome life’s challenges, not just in words, and the beauty of a gratifying life he guarantees for those he is covenanted to protect. The book details this out and will all be seen in the movie within the realm of cinematographic capabilities.

We are shown a deity who backs his words with power to make it easy for us to know whether he is real or not because he is not just a figment of human imagination, his way of letting us know that there is none like him.

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