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About Heart of The Creator

‘The majesty, glory and riches in the entire Milky Way galaxy do not even come close to the worth and value of a single human soul to me, like any one of these children’.

While almost all of humanity is religious, religious gatherings that occur around the world today could honestly be described as ritualistic, lifeless, and mundane, like the state of a loveless marriage in which the ever-suspicious spouses truly know nothing of each other.  The absence of any real individual connection between the participants and the deity being worshiped is very evident. In some cases, the participants tread in fear and uncertainty, worshipping mainly out of social obligation, political optics, self-serving and other narcissistic motives.  Then, there are the leaders who are supposed to bridge the followers to the deity whom they themselves do not know whether he is real or not, making for an awkward interaction with any deity. Any readers familiar with this?

HOTC Cinematics was formed for the primary purpose of holding open the window of the heart of this creator for our generation, to provide support globally for informed decision-making when it comes to religion or the lack of it. Seeing that our beliefs shape our behavior and therefore our quality of life, it is of paramount importance to humanity.

"‘For I know the plans I have for you’, declares this deity, ‘plans to prosper you and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.’"

Though he has no problems flaunting his majesty and his verifiable power over nature, he cannot forcefully compel man in any way because it will violate the gift of freewill he gave humans, and he therefore only asks people to prove him wrong in every claim he has made.

Today, many young and old seem lost, societies across the globe are grappling with what is real and what is not, as many are questioning what life is really all about, amidst all the prevailing chaos.  We want this creator’s claims that he can hear, speak, is all-knowing, is open to be interactive with his creation, and has absolute control over nature, to be verified by all who are willing to do so. If he is who he says he is, time to 'push the reset button', if you want a dynamic relationship with him. Time to stop believing in worthless myths and powerless deities for the sake of just being religious or pretending to be.

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